Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here We Go...

So what is this?

Well it's just one more web/news/blog about the 2nd amendment, gun rights and the shooting sports.

Whats different? (I hope) I'm gathering shooting enthusiasts from all over the country, who have a different take (because of local) on the shooting sports and the 2nd amendment.

I don't intend that this be just one more blog ranting about the continual attack on the second amendment, but stories of experiences at the range or just out in the woods or desert with family and friends.

Hunting stories should also be found here, (Recent ones, not a story your grand dad told you that his grand dad told him)

I have a few co-bloggers now and will be adding more as we go, to get a rounded USA feel to this.

enjoy and consider writing story or two.


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