Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shooting afield, AZ style.

Well, the first thing we needed was an awning... even for this late in the year, its still a hot one in the Valley of the Sun.

We were out in the desert, north east of where we live, back along a long wash. In the past this was always a fairly quiet place for shooting, lots of natural backstops, some decent shade here and there and most of all, LOW POPULATION DENSITY. Every cave dweller on the planet (at least in this area) seems to have figured out what the 4WD button on the dash stands for and today, there they were.

We were there (among other reasons) to test my latest purchase, a High Point 40 SW-B.

Now, gun snobs will snicker at this handgun, because of its low price, (MSRP is $199, I paid $185) and because it lacks the "beauty" of say a 1911 or a nice Beretta.

I say different:

We fired about 200 rounds through it today, we fired them fast and relentlessly.

The 40SW-B performed without a flaw. I was very happy with it and more than a little impressed. For its first time on the range it performed surprisingly well. My oldest son's XDs both had problems their first couple of times out, until they "settled in". I'm hoping for continued performance from this inexpensive but well built, AMERICAN MADE, handgun.

Yes, American Made is VERY important to ME.

More info on High Point Here:

(Next purchase is a C-9 9mm for the wife as she finds the grip of the 40 just a bit to large for her hands.)

It was also my youngest son's birthday celebration with his family. Alex is not yet the shooter the rest of us are, but is quickly catching up.

My mom also came with us, we got her to take a few shots with Nichole's PK380.

We took almost 100 photos, I've posted about 35, Here: Wash Shoot, 2010-09-25
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